Tala the Golden Retriever

After years of planning, preparation and overcoming personal hurdles, we now have a new addition to our family. But before anyone starts thinking about babies, this addition is of the four-legged kind.

We have recently brought home our little Golden Retriever puppy and it's been great fun getting to know her and introducing her to this big new world.

Tala did not come to us easily. We first moved to the countryside, read dozens of books, took a theory course and even confronted dog phobia.

Our unique situation made it necessary for us to carefully consider each step of getting and caring for a dog, but it has clearly been a positive change in our lives and we're very happy. We learn more from her every day and Tala shows all the signs of being a well-adjusted and much-loved dog.

We hope you enjoy Tala's new website and invite you to check back often. We'll post plenty of photos so you can join us in Tala's new adventures.

New photos added Jun 23. Check out the 2010 photo album. More to come.

Name: Tala (Hopi for 'Wolf')
Breed: Golden Retriever
Born: Nov 19, 2008
Favorite Toy: Wooden bone.
Favorite Food: Eats everything... really!
Favorite TV Show: Home movies from puppy school.
Turn-ons: Children, weee!
Turn-offs: Walking without pulling and having to give up stuff that she's put in her mouth.